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Welcome to Aljazeera.co.il

HeHost Control Panel overview.
With the Control Panel on your web hosting account you will be able to create and modify multiple services including: email, mailing lists, password protected directories, etc. Enhanced services (also included at no additional charge) include web site visitation statistics, technical support information, active account information with on-line billing services.

All web control panel functions are administered using a standard web browser software such as Internet Explorer(R) or Netscape(R). Therefore, you do not need to install special software, and you can administer your account from any computer hooked up to the Internet.

To view Hehost.com Control Panel functions, simply in your browser (enter panel. before your domain name, example: http://panel.hehost.com) you will have access all of your web hosting services.

HeHost Control Panel Functions.

Protocol SSL FTP Server WEB Server ASP Support
SMTP Gateway POP Server IMAP Server Statistics
Data Backup Server Extensions Password Protection More and more...

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