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Technical Contact, Zone Contact Details are:
HEHOST.COM - Hosting the World
P. o. Box 9 , Rama 30055 , Israel
Tel: +972-54-7414590 , Fax: +972-4-9582366
Email: network@hehost.com
Domain Name Server (DNS) Settings
If you are transferring a domain hosting to us from another hosting company, you may need the configuration information which is listed on this page. When we process your change for you, we handle all of these details.
In order for your web site to be correctly pointed to its' new home on our servers, it is necessary for the InterNIC record to reflect the correct DNS as listed above. Once InterNIC records reflect these settings, your web site will then be accessible from the Internet. Remember, these settings are independent of the IP address that we will give you when your account is established.
All hosting accounts with HeHost must reflect us are the technical contact for the domain on the InterNIC records. Visit our contact us page for more information.

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